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8 Dehydration Symptoms Most People Ignore

Did you know that being dehydrated by as little as 5% makes you severely dehydrated? This is the same type of dehydration which requires hospitalization. Of course, you want to avoid it! Here are some unknown dehydration symptoms and the treatment you should follow:

  • You are always hungry

According to Mayo Clinic, this happens when you are severely dehydrated, although most people think of hunger as the first dehydration symptom.  The thing is, you get water from the food you consume as well.  When you are hungry, you reach for something fatty and hearty, which can be a problem as you end up requiring additional water I the system to digest what you ate.


Drink a cup or two cups of water before you eat anything, unless it is your usual time to eat. Allow half an hour to pass before you eat and after you have had some water.

  • You can`t think clearly

The brain needs water to work properly, so it is no wonder that it tends to shrink when it is depleted of water.  This symptom is one of the least known.  Without water, the brain can shrink by as much as 2%, making you unable to remember things and think clearly.


Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee to clear your mind, reach for water.  Coffee can help you feel alert for some time, but every cup of coffee reduces water in the body by twice as much.

  • You have intense food cravings

Having intense food cravings, especially for fruits and certain veggies like cucumbers, means that you need water. Pregnancy and certain vitamin deficiencies are also likely to trigger strong foods cravings. 


The solution is very simple: drink water! However, you also need a certain amount of fruits and veggies in your diet which also add to your water intake.  Strawberries and watermelon are great options, as they are 92% water.

  • You have headaches

Headaches are often caused by dehydration.  Interestingly, having too much water in the system can also be the reason for an intense headache. As with anything else, moderation is the key!


When you wake up, drink 16.9 oz. bottle of water.  Have some breakfast and have another bottle afterwards.   By doing so, you already have half the water you need for the day.

  • You are constipated

Most people believed that they need more fiber if they are constipated.  But, this is partially true.  You also need water to eliminate waste from the system.  Fiber can be soluble and insoluble, but you need water for both.  If you don’t drink sufficient amounts of water and have too much fiber in your diet, you can end up constipated.


Aim for 18-35 grams of fiber daily whether it is soluble or insoluble, and around 64 ounces of water (depending on your weight).

  • You are always tired

Fatigue can be a huge problem when you are dehydrated.  Your blood is thicker and doesn’t move as quickly as supposed to, causing blood pressure to drop.   However, not drinking enough water can also cause hypertension.


For your dehydration treatment, focus on sipping on water during the day.  Sipping helps you avoid brain freeze, so always keep a large container at hand.

  • You get lightheaded when standing up

This symptom is one of the most missed ones.  Most people consider lightheadedness and dizziness to be a result of something else, and rarely think of dehydration as a potential cause. A lack of water in the body slows down the blood-flow, which in turn can make you dizzy.


Have a cup or two immediately, but don’t overdo it as the body is not able to take in so much water at a time and the kidneys cannot expel large amounts of it right away.  After you are rehydrated, you could be at risk of water intoxication if you had more than a liter of water per hour.

  • Your lips are dry

If your lips are constantly dry, you probably need to drink more water.  If you are properly hydrated, your lips should be soft to the touch, not cracked or peeling.


You can have a cup or two every one to two hours, a cup each time you eat, two when you exercise, and one when you take a break from your work day. You can come up with your own methods, the point is to find an efficient way to increase your water intake.



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