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The Connection Between Verbal Abuse and Anxiety Everyone Ignores

There is a strong link between anxiety and long-term mental abuse. Chronic stress and trauma lead to various mental disorders, one of which is anxiety.  However, many people overlook the serious negative effects of mental abuse, but it is actually on the same level of harmfulness as physical abuse.    People can …

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20 Simple Exercises to Tone Upper Arm

Modeling your body to perfection is impossible without the right exercises and a healthy diet. In this article we give you 20 excellent exercises to build strong muscles and nice arms. 20 brilliant exercises to melt arm fat and tone arms 1. Hammer curl Bring your torso upright and hold …

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A Beekeeper Trained His Bees to Make Honey With Cannabis Resin

Following quite a while of researches about how to consolidate the two most critical regular things throughout his life, a 39-year-old French beekeeper and an avid cannabis user made natural honey, which they called -“cannahoney.” Nicolas Trainerbees earned his nickname after over two decades committed to his relationship with bees …

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