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20 Exercises That Melt Upper Arm Fat Fast

To burn fat, you need a good diet and the right type of exercises. This article focuses on the latter.  A good exercise strategy is paramount, because this will help to build lean muscle. On that matter, here are detailed instructions on 20 arm exercises which help create muscle and …

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Lyme Disease, Protection And Prevention

Everyone likes spending time in nature, but it brings a lot of disadvantages with it. Many people visit the doctor because they were bitten by a tick, usually with black legs. Ticks can be infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, also called corkscrew-shaped bacteria which is the main cause for the appearance …

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Reasons Why Your Legs Cramp Up At Night and How to Fix It

Muscle spasms are a common condition among both regular adults and athletes. Muscle spasms occur for a number of reasons, including excessive stress and injury. However, when it comes to night cramping, one of the leading side-effects is certainly sleep deprivation. Night cramps characterize with sharp pain and numbness in …

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Doing These 5 Simple Things Can Prevent 80% of All Heart Attacks

Every year the American Heart Association prepares reports on heart diseases and according to them, cardiovascular diseases cause about a third of all deaths in the world. Every 40 seconds one American dies from heart-related complications and heart problems caused more than 17 million deaths last year alone. According to …

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